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CBS Products

Here at Chard Building Supplies we can supply virtually anything for your project.

From the ground up to the ridge we can provide you with everything you need at the very best prices.

If you do not see what you are looking for below be sure to give us a call today.

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We can supply loose aggregates in either ten, sixteen or twenty tonne loads. Aggregates are priced on a radial mile distance from the quarry. If it’s just a ten tonne load or one thousand tonne in a day requirement we can give you, the most competitive price available.

 The most popular products are the following:

 – 20/40mm scalpings

– 6F5 fill material

– 8, 10 and 14mm pipe bedding

– Building sands

– 20mm chardstock chippings

– Cotswold chippings

– Self binding path gravel

– Material for equestrian 

Engineered Joists

Engineered joists are a fast and cost effective solution for first and second floor situations. 

 The size is uniformed and ensures there is no reduction in size or movement within the joint. 

 The herringbone design assists the electrical and plumbing installation as there are natural voids meaning there is no time wasted in cutting the joists, like you have to if your using traditional timber. 

 Send us your PDF drawings and we will provide a quote withiin 1 -2 days of receiving the drawings.

  • Speeds up floor construction
  • Easy installation of services thanks to unique metal web design
  • Eliminates need for additional drilling and cutting
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Wide fixing flange
  • Available in a range of depths

Ready Mixed Concrete

We can supply concrete in anything from 3m³ loads to 300m³ pours. 


Our range of suppliers gives us competitive pricing throughout Somerset, Devon and Dorset. 

 You can be assured of getting the best quality footing concretes. Our concrete is a flexible, durable and economical product.

We can also supply concrete on conveyor trucks that can reach to distances up to seventeen metres. For situations on suspended levels or greater distances we can arrange a pump for half or full day hire.

Underground Drainage

We supply plastic and clay underground drainage either from our local supply partners or direct to site from the manufacturer. 

 Prices vary depending on the quantity involved and the location. 

 We also provide water attenuation products, such as plastic crates and underground storage tanks. Alongside this we provide the correct geomembranes and fittings to accompany the installation.

Reinforcement Bars & Mesh

Our local suppliers can deliver reinforcing fabric within 1 – 2 days. 

For cut and bent fabrics, please send us your bending schedules and we will respond with a fast competitive quote. 



Timber & Sheeting Materials

Our suppliers hold large quantities of C16 / C24 sawn cut timber in lengths up to 6.70 metres. This can be treated if required. 

 We source our timber from several suppliers to ensure you can obtain the lengths required to get the job done with minimal wastage.

Timber sheet materials can be used in a variety of ways, below you will find a vast selection of materials that each lend themselves to certain jobs. MDF can be easily drilled and cut without creating damage to the material itself, with no grain this engineered wood will work in a multitude of jobs. Plywood is one of the most widely used materials due to its durable and strong nature – thanks to this it can be used for numerous jobs. 

C16 refers to the strength grade of the timber, this may have been graded visually by a registered grader or alternatively with a machine. Characteristics such as knots, fissures and the overall grain are taken into account to determine the strength class of the timber. C16 structural grade timber is generally the most cost effective option and can be used for small building jobs such as, roof extensions and joist work.


We offer all types of rigid and fibre insulation. Roof, floor and cavity boards delivered directly to site in 1 – 2 days. 

 The insulation varies from size of acoustic quilt and sound proofing materials to suit your individual requirements. 

 Here at Chard Building Supplies we do supply Eco friendly alternatives such as lamb’s wool and other materials to reduce the construction industries carbon foot print.

Brick and Blocks

Whether you are looking for one pack or a full twenty one pack load, we can make it happen.

 Concrete blocks come in either 151.2 m² wagon and drag loads or       100.8 m² rigid loads with a small surcharge. 

1 – 10 pack loads delivered by local supplier.

 Bricks we recommend are from Wieneberger and Ibstock.

Prices on application depending on load size and location.

Septic tanks and treatment plants

We are suppliers of Clearwater Pollution Control products, we preffer to use a local company with a good reputation that is always on hand to be there for the necessary back up on installation and on going support. 

 Email us your requirements and we will respond with a competitive price. We can also schedule a site visit if you wish. 

 Click on the link below to view the Clearwater Range.

Clearwater Range

Roof Tiles and Slates

Our trading partners keep large quantities of natural slates and roof tiles in stock for immediate delivery. 

 Both slates and tiles are delivered on crane vehicles directly to site. 

 We can also offer steel box profile and fashings to your individual specifications. 

Floor Beams & Hollow Core

We use several suppliers for beam and block floor, as listed below. 

 Send us your PDF drawings for a competitive quote. Also with your quote we can provide information, on crane offloading vehicles and specific charges that may apply. 

 We aim to return your quote within 1 – 2 days. 

 Lead times vary due to high demand, but typically it has a 7 – 10 day turn around. 

Structural Steel

Our suppliers hold large quantities of universal beams and columns. 

 The beams can be manufactured to size and drilled to your specific requirements. 

 We also offer beams with fabricated plates and joists. They can also come in the form of either rectangular or circular hollow sections, if required.

Precast concrete chamber rings

We offer market leading Precast concrete chamber rings that are ideal for use in both foul and surface water applications.

Our products have achieved all necessary certifications and are accredited with the most up to date British and European standards along with the relevant products being BSI kite marked and CE marked.


Our suppliers deliver with crane offloading vehicles.

Roof Trusses

We specialise in supplying all types of pre fabricated roof trusses. Whether its a single grange or a complicated attic design, we are confident that our service will ensure a perfect fit. 

 Our measuring service, means we will come on site to double check or advise you on your project. We have a 100% accuracy record of matching up new trusses to traditional cut roof designs. 

 Send us your PDF files for a fast accurate service.

Steel Lintels

We offer market leading lintels from a comprehensive range in stock from our suppliers. 

 Take off’s can be done from your drawings and schedules in order to provide a quotation, please email us your PDF files. 


Our suppliers deliver with crane offloading vehicles.

Precast concrete pipe

We offer market leading Precast concrete pipes are ideal for use in both foul and surface water applications.

Our products have achieved all necessary certifications and are accredited with the most up to date British and European standards along with the relevant products being BSI kite marked and CE marked.


Our suppliers deliver with crane offloading vehicles.

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